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What exactly is Cannibal Simulcast?

Satire’s continuous mixes, released on a grueling “whenever I finish one” schedule. The genres are all over the place but always hip-hop centered and scratchy. All downloads are free forever.

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Made in August of 2018, this mix is almost entirely retro 80’s electrofunk. The specific focus was songs that I used to listen to on repeat back in the day just chilling out. Not that these songs are relaxing. In fact, the BPM is pretty fast through the entire mix. There are songs you will know and there are probably songs you won’t know.

(Press and hold on most handhelds)
Made in late 2017. The genres are not defined on this. Most of it is pretty moving stuff for me, particularly the last few songs.

Where are the previous mixes?
Yeah, I have 1 & 2 on this site in the actual blog. 3 will probably never see the light of day. All of them are centered around… something else.

What are the track listings for each mix?
Slow down, cowboy! There are lots of copyright spiders that love to find stuff like this! these songs are remixed and chopped and edited enough to qualify as Fair Use but I’m not going to list the songs used for a number of reasons. Maybe I’m being like old-school DJ’s and want the mystery to keep other DJ’s from getting to goodies. Or maybe I’m too lazy. Or maybe some songs are used more than once or in just a tiny part and a track listing wouldn’t even make sense. I do a lot of mash-up work and often there are three or four pieces being used at the same time.